“it’s begining to look a lot like christmas”

Hooray! It’s the first of December. The begining of Advent and the start of the festive season. I can officially expose my insane obsession with Festive Jumpers without others looking at me bewildered and make a dash to Starbucks for a festive latte.

My house is bedecked with twinkling lights, sparkly ornaments are hung from our tree and candles scent the air with the promise of the imminent arrival of the magical man himself. With this, our family traditions, the things we like to do together in the lead up to Christmas begin. Our family is fairly new. Of course my husband and I have respective families that consist of parents and brothers etc but us, as our own little family are new. Well, 4 years new. As a mother I knew the moment that the pregnancy test kit showed positve I would want to instill family traditions. Little things that my parents did with me or repeat acts that are derived from tales from Mr & Mrs Croker Snr. Put my own twist on them or create new traditions that one day the mini Crokers will pass on to their children. I guess you could say that I am creating a legacy and here, in this blog, I will document it so that you too might be inspired to take on one of our traditions, create new ones of your ownand share them with your own family.

So, here we are at Christmas. A season sprinkled with family traditions. I dont have many memories of Christmas from my childhood. Unfortunately the over riding memory is the  discovery that my parents had purchased my presents and not the mythical man in red. Through all this my love and excitement for Christmas has built in momentum. I believe in the magic of Christmas and it’s sentiment.  My Christmas memory bank is mostly made in adult life and is peppered with fond memories of get togethers, love and fun but mostly not of presents. My mother for example has a resplendent tree. It is bejewelled in an array of decorations sent mostly from her sisters in the US and each has a story. Each one is lovingly put on the tree every year and the memories are relived, and stories retold each time. The tree is precious to her and even though my family are not with her there every year and my brothers have flown the nest that tree will still go up and the twinkling lights reflect in her eyes the love for her family…and now her Grandchildren. My mother in law on the other hand doesnt even have a tree but her fireplace displays are like something out of a high end window display and in her I have found a mutual fan of christmas lights and the beauty of christmas decorations, and like every Mother her desire to get us all together around the table for a dinner…if only just once a year.

December 1st I am cracking open our first tradition. Its a new one for us and one I have obsessed over for weeks and it’s reveal is like a present in itself. This year we are participating in Elf on the Shelf . I first came across the little Elf on Pinferest . As soon as I saw him I was in love and the more research I did the more I realised it’s a phenominan which is sweeping the world and one I needed to be part of. Its virtually unknown here in the UK but is certainly becoming more popular.

It’s a charming tradition for all the family but it’s one that evokes the magic of the season.When you buy your elf he/she (you can pick the sex and even their skin tone now) he comes in a presentation box with a story to read to the children. The idea is you adopt him for the season and everyday he hides in a new place and the children have to find him. Every night he returns to the North Pole to report to Santa whether they have been naughty or nice and I assume to help in the packing of all the toys to the children across the World!…naturally.  What is trending right now is that your Elf can do many things. He can be mischievous, he can bring gifts back from the North Pole or deliver your letter to Santa personally on your behalf. I hope you’ll follow our mini adventures and discover what things our elf gets up to. Ill document all my ideas and share new finds with you and links to where you can copy our shenanigans.Tomorrow, 1st December, will be our first foray into Elf Adoption so I hope you’ll come back to find out how we got on with the big reveal of our Elf to the mini Crokers.


One thought on ““it’s begining to look a lot like christmas”

  1. As your mammy for the last 30 years !! I wish that this idea was around in 1982 !! I think it is a fantastic Idea and I know that Ava & Astrid will already be sooo excited…just wish i was there to share in all the excitement ..what you did with the Elf and the decoration’s this year should be shared with everyone it is such a fantastic story !! (the story of Ava waking up to find the Elf had put up the decorations !! ) Mam xx

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