A yummy delivery all the way from the North Pole

Wowzas! It’s cold today. The garden looks like it has been sprinkled with silver glitter and whilst this is all lovely the possibility of heading out in this weather does not fill me pleasure. In the Croker household our Sunday ritual is to head out for the papers and a cheeky coffee from our local cafe, and in turn this will often lead to the purchase of pastry or cake…naughty, naughty. However, it looks bitterly cold and all I want is to stay in bed.

Luckily for us we have an Elf staying with us, and today she brought us breakfast.Hooray! It’s not only our garden that looks like it’s been sprinkled with glitter. From our Elf door (more on our door during the week) there was a path of glitter that suggested to the Mini’s that the Elf had returned. Seemingly Rosie is a messy Elf as she doesnt wipe her feet before entering the house and trapses through our house leaving glitter everywhere she’s been. Perhaps I need to add a door matt for her.¬† As Mr Croker and I returned from an evening out with friends last night she was still out. It must be busy in the North Pole this time of year. As if by magic, by the time we awoke there she was. Today we found her in the kitchen, upon a cake stand adorned with donuts. Yum yum. A cup of coffee and a donut later my appetite for leaving the house has returned and we may just venture out still…

Christmas donuts from Krispy KremeRosie, our Elf, even brought back with her her own box of donuts too. How she was going to eat all 6 Ill never know. Then I caught Mini Croker Ava whispering in her ear. “Rosie said we can share them” she said. I wasnt aware our Elf could talk but maybe her whispering can only be heard by little ears, and certainly those that believe. Mini Croker Ava is a believer.

elf donuts II

Our donuts are from Krispy Creme and the Mini’s were excited that they were christmas themed as they hadnt seen such donuts before. Rosie’s donuts I made myself and put into a little box. You could use a matchbox which would be of similar size, you could, if you had the time wrap it in some paper or even print off a donut companies logo and stick it to the box. Now, that would be fun! The donuts themselves are simply cheerios that I dipped in chocolate and either rolled in icing sugar, cinnamon or sprinkles. 100% edible, perfect Elf size and safe if your Elf wants to share them with your family also.

Elf donuts made from...wait for it...CHEERIOS!

Elf donuts made from…wait for it…CHEERIOS!


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