Kind gestures, a sprinkle of magic and a few lessons

Were a full week into our official adoption of Rosie the Elf. So far so good. Other blog posts have led me to believe that the Elves can be naughty at times. Then Elf on The Shelf posted on their official Facebook Page that they didnt want parents to spoil the magic and disclose behind the scenes acts. According to them young children access the page.

Firstly, the Mini Crokers are too young to access Facebook. although their ability to access You Tube on the I-Pad is growing in skill. This is another story! Secondly, we dont appear to have a naughty Elf. One participant on Facebook said her Elf only does naughty things when her children are being naughty, and therefore the behaviour is reflected in the Elf. Subsequently the children need to behave and the Elf will get better and perhaps get something from the North Pole on the Elfs return.

Rosie has been lovely this week. Below are some of the things she has been up to.

Weve been singing Christmas songs this weekRosie read stories to The Mini Croker's dollies. Note how excited Tom Daley is...yes, Tom Daley lives with us too!Rosie brought a parcel back from the North PoleUh oh. Mini Crokers need to be a bit better. Rosie notices everything.

Were really enjoying the little notes that Rosie leaves us. She’s been asking us to sing caroles but she has also noticed some naughty behaviour. I ordered these notes from Centrepiece Photo on Etsy and they arrived by PDF which I could print at home up to 5 times before the download expired. I printed ours to Cardstock from HobbyCraft. This made them a little sturdier and perfect for Rosie to hold.

There will be more on what was in the parcel tomorrow.

You’ll be pleased to know the Mini Crokers bedroom is tidy now…and I didnt have to help at all.


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