Elf Seeds

Rosie was spotted on the mantlepieceYou may have seen in our last post that Rosie has been bringing the Mini Crokers presents from the North Pole. These are to reward and encourage good behaviour. It seems to be working. Every morning the girls get up and go hunting for Rosie. They’ve almost forgotton about their Advent Calender and the promise of chocolate. The promise of christmas magic seems to be more appealing.

Last week Rosie was found on the Fireplace clutching a mini parcel and a letter from Mrs Claus.

Inside the parcel were Elf seeds and the letter contained instructions. The Mini Crokers were to plant the Elf seeds into some sugar and every day sprinkle with glitter. They needed to do this for 3 days. On the fourth days the seeds would of grown. We followed these instructions and before breakfast every morning we sprinkled the seeds. We discussed over this time what the seeds would grow into. The girls were convinced it would be flowers.

Rosie and her parcel

Im always excited to partcipate in an activity in which I get to to make mini letters and parcels for the girls. Ill use them at any opportunity. If you would like to re-create these you can purchase The worlds smallest post office In fact if you dont want to order the postoffice you can order customised letters and parcels from Leafcutter Designs They will print, stamp and create your parcels so you dont have to do them yourselves.

Our parcelOur letterElf seeds which were christmas cupcake sprinkles in the shape of gingerbread menOur Elf seeds grew into gingerbread men. Yum yum.

Admittedly the tiny writing is quite hard to get neat and eligible but it’s a skill im developing along with my love for all things miniature. So if your worried just order them pre made. This doesnt just have to be used for Elf on the Shelf. What about love letters for Valentines or notes from the Tooth Fairy. Along with my magical door that I created I have made a batch of pretty envelopes to leave on the door matt for the girls. I used some pretty paper and made mini envelopes using this cutter  from McGill Enveope cutter over at Amazon.

I hope you’ll be inspired to create something for your little ones now, or in the future.


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